Jake Paul Becomes First Fighter Signing to PFL’s ‘Super Fight’ Division

Jake Paul, the 25-year-old YouTube star turned prizefighter, has joined forces with the Professional Fighters League (PFL) in a groundbreaking deal that has sent shockwaves through the mixed martial arts (MMA) industry. Paul, who has a 6-0 record in the squared circle, will compete in the PFL’s new pay-per-view division called “PFL PPV Super Fight”, which guarantees fighters 50% of revenue from its events. This is a significant improvement on the less than 20% reportedly earned by UFC fighters.

Paul to be first fighter in this division

Paul, who is the first fighter to be signed to the division, said in a statement: “I’ve proven myself in and out of the boxing ring and now I am going to do the same in MMA, and there is no limit to the positive impact I can make on the sport.” He has also been appointed “head of fighter advocacy” and plans to work towards a business model that benefits fighters. Paul and the PFL aim to create a “fighter-first” culture with their 50-50 revenue split model.

Paul’s business partner, Nakisa Bidarian, a former CFO of the UFC, also owns an equity share in the PFL. As a result of the deal, the pair plan to leverage their expertise and platforms to help promote and recruit fighters for the Super Fight division.

“Equal fighter-pay and advocating for female fighters has been my passion, and I am aligned with PFL to evolve the sport,” Paul said. “I invite all top MMA fighters, both men and women, to join the PFL and get a payday like they’ve never had before